Could GTA 6 Take Place in Canada?

The GTA series is well-known for the fictionalized versions of the of several iconic U.S. cities. Many players have roamed the streets of Los Santos, Liberty City, and Vice City, which are heavily inspired by Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.

Many rumors have been focused on the city that could be visited by Rockstar for GTA 6. Some fans have argued that the celebrated developer will return to Vice City, one of the most exotic locations of the game. Select voices argue that Rockstar plans to expand beyond the borders of the U.S. and add cities like Mexico and Brazil.

Tweets and leaks

Fans of the Metal Gear Solid franchise are familiar with David Hayter, who is the voice of Solid Snake. The popular actor had raised a few waves recently when he posted two hashtags on Twitter. #GTAVI was the first one, but many were intrigued by the second one, #Toronto.

Toronto is one of the largest cities in Canada and quite close to the state of New York, so the distance between Liberty City and a virtual representation of Toronto wouldn’t be too big.

Discerning facts from wishful thinking

Of course, when GTA fans saw the post, they started to speculate about Toronto and its potential as a location in GTA 6. Anticipating the beginning of a flurry of rumors, Hayter shared another Tweet, which mentioned that this was merely an idea, and he has no knowledge about what Rockstar is doing.

While some of the more ardent fans continue to argue that Hayter made a stealth leak, it is unlikely that this is the case. He is not an employee of Rockstar, and if he was doing a job for the studio, an NDA would have ensured his silence until Rockstar was ready to reveal the project.

Until Rockstar offers an official announcement, rumors like this will continue to flourish.

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