Could Apple Launch the Best Gaming Console: Here is What You Need to Know


The tech giant based in Cupertino could have under development a gaming console. But, does it even need to?

Rumor has it that Apple could be working on a gaming console. The company hasn’t made a big move into gaming as of late beyond the now praised Apple Arcade. Here is what you need to know.

Apple’s Gaming Console: What We Should Expect

While the tech giant has aced gaming on iPads with support for Xbox One and PS4 controllers, it has preferred to leave most of the work to third-party developers. And until recently, neither the iPhone nor the iPad was developed as gaming devices despite their now pretty much expensive game libraries. But Apple could bring the Apple Silicon and change everything. Rumor has it that the tech team at Cupertino could have under development a console powered by an ARM-based chip. 

MauriQHD, a reliable tipster, was the first who claimed that they’ve heard Apple is having under development “an ARM console.” According to Apple’s A-series chip, from its iPhones and iPads, we can assume the tipster means such a console will have an A-series chipset. 

Now, we need to take such news with a pinch of salt or a massive dose of skepticism, as the tipster doesn’t say a thing about the origin of the leak. But as the tech giant is looking at developing more powerful A-series chips for its Mac devices, there’s potential for it to build gaming consoles with a home-grown slice of silicon at its core.

ARM-ing the Gaming Consoles

Apple is developing its ARM-based chips to change the Intel silicon in the MacBook Air, iMac, and MacBook Pro. Such a thing will lead the company to completely move away from Intel chips if it fully accomplishes its ambitions.  

While the A-series chips proved to be fantastic in benchmarks, they don’t get the architecture to run PC and console games developed to run on hardware based on x86 architecture – the one that underpins AMD and Intel processors. Apple will need to put a lot of effort into getting its Metal graphics API (application programming interface) to guarantee proper console games could run on its ARM-based chips. It will also need to ensure the chips’ graphics accelerator is up to that task of working on modern PC and console-grade games. 

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