Chevy Corvette C8 Prototype Sported a Strange Test

Chevy Corvette C8 was seen recently on Instagram sporting some test mules, one of them with a lot of testing equipment. Corvette Blogger was the first who spotted the images, in which three Corvette prototypes appear. Also, we have news on the future 2021 Chevy Tahoe.

The most intriguing one, however, is the one that has all of the strange testing stuff. A bunch of heavy cables put on the passenger’s side window, and a metal box on the car’s rear glass can be noticed. A tube connects the box, and it dangles off the back of the vehicle. Also, there is another thing with the exhaust.

It appears to have an odd arrangement that connects two pipes into a single hole on each side. The placement of the equipment indicates Chevrolet’s technicians are appraising the powertrain.

The front edge of the car holds a distinctive front band than the basic ‘Vette. The middle part is enclosed, and there are four inlets in its architecture. As for the splitter, this thing appears more widespread, too.

About Chevy Corvette C8 Prototype

The other spotted cars on Instagram don’t seem to have the same tools or equipment on them. Instead, one of them sports an antenna rising from the passenger view of the roof.

The images don’t offer the best angle, but the third Corvette doesn’t appear to have any reasonable testing tools on it. It still wears, however, a camouflage coat over its whole body.

Other spy images captured recently display Chevy C8 manufacturing what some think it is the upcoming Corvette Z06. Probably that the seen testing equipment, tools, and the distinct band could be a glimpse at the Chevrolet’s technicians producing the more dominant variant.

A video of the version shows that the car carries an easily aspirated V8 with a low-level crankshaft. We could also receive a more aggressive and dramatic appearance, such as a big rear wing.

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