Check Out Nreal’s Augmented Reality Glasses that Will Start Shipping Soon

Augmented Reality is not a new field in technology at all. The insanely-popular Pokemon GO game had a huge role in promoting it, as pretty much all that the players have to do is exploring the real world for virtual creatures.

If you’re one of the numerous people who like augmented reality, than it’s mandatory to give the Nreal Light glasses a try. The tech beauties were made by LG Uplus, and they are shipping now in Korea alongside Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

Available in stores starting August 21

Preorders became available starting August 11, and the new glasses will arrive in stores for the rest of the world starting August 21. The glasses are sold as a standalone device for around $586, and they are also bundled with the LG Velvet or Galaxy Note 20 for around $295.

YouTuber Adam Savage’s Tested speaks more about the Nreal Light glasses:

Nreal has only good things to say about its augmented reality glasses:

At Nreal, we aim to make mixed reality available and accessible to everyone.
We strive to realize the full potential of mixed reality by empowering developers to create ground-breaking applications that can ultimately propel a new era of entertainment, productivity and more.

Nreal aims to create smart wearables for humans in order to utilize artificial intelligence perfectly. Nreal has been developing user-friendly mixed reality wearables since about three years ago. The company spoke about the Nreal Light glasses as being a flagship product, and also “a pair of cutting-edge, lightweight, and comfortable mixed reality glasses sporting an industry-leading wide-screen, vivid display. By offering a full spatial computing capability and cross-platform compatibility, Nreal strives to bring mixed reality a step closer to reality.”

Judging by the actual overall picture of how technology presents itself, we can make the fair assumption that augmented reality games will become something common in the near future.

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