CatchUp is A New Audio-Only Calling App Launched by Facebook


NPE Team, Facebook’s internal R&D group, has released today (May 27) CatchUp, an audio-only app. 

The app makes it easier for family and friends in the US to set up group calls or coordinate calls with up to 8 people. Find out what makes CatchUp so unique!

CatchUp Features and Other Details

CatchUp intends to address one of the main reasons people no longer make phone calls – they don’t know when is the proper time to call someone. The calls that the app enables are audio-only, and it flags when users are available. CatchUp won’t need a Facebook account, because it works with your contacts list. 

CatchUp lets you decide when you’re available to talk by setting a status in the app. This feature is similar to how Houseparty’s video chat app allows users to view who’s live, by sending out notifications. CatchUp will show you the users as “Ready to Talk” in the top section of the home screen. You can also choose to create and join groups of family, friends, or place 1-on-1 calls as an alternative to using the phone. Placing a call is not difficult. It’s only one-button tap away!

According to Facebook, the idea for the app came about before the Covid-19 breakdown and the following quarantine. The NPE Team, however, hastened the app’s development as a result of the pandemic situation. 

While there are already simple ways to make voice calls with Facebook’s WhatsApp or Messenger, the difference is that CatchUp works only with your phone’s contacts. You will have to download the app, but you won’t need to have an existing Facebook account or an account on any Facebook-owned apps. 

CatchUp’s simplified user interface will seem more appealing and easier for older users. The app includes privacy features that let you configure which contacts can join the group calls and 1-on-1 calls. CatchUp is now being tested in the US for a limited time on Android and iOS devices. 

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