Catch Falcon in Garena Free Fire and Increase Your Diving Speed


In Garena Free Fire, pets sometimes offer a unique advantage to the Survivors. Falcon is the newest pet and is no exception.

Pets have become a significant part of the Free Fire’s gameplay as they have some skills to help players progress in the game. Find out how to catch Falcon and increase your diving speed.

How to Catch Falcon in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is one of the most praised game titles in the battle royale genre. It provides lots of fantastic features and regularly adds new content for fans. The game also has many pets that you can choose to buy to accompany you to the map. Pets are now an essential part of the Garena Free Fire gameplay because they have the right skills to help you progress in the game. 

Pet Falco is one of the recent additions to the Free Fire and was introduced to the battle royale with an update. It’s also the first flying pet ever introduced in the game. 

The bird has a skill called Skyline Spree, which enhances the gliding speed when skydiving and the diving speed when the parachute opens. As the pet begins to rise, it also increases the gliding rate. Such a thing means that at the highest level, you can get super-fast speeds while getting off a plane. Falco can also expedite your movements when using a Glider. 

Free Fire players have been able to catch the bird by logging into the game starting June 14. To obtain the free Hellfire skin, you need to play one of the games with a friend. 

Possible Issues While Claiming Falco

Unfortunately, some players have encountered an error message while trying to get Falco and its Hellfire skin. The message says that the event is available for only specific devices. 

There isn’t much clarity on the issue, and we should wait to find out if it has something to do with Free Fire’s servers or if the devs have made the event device-specific. 

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