Call of Duty: Modern Warfare XP Bug Was Fixed Thanks To The Warzone Mode Release

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare awards bug has been fixed. According to Infinity Ward developers, the XP awards issue has been solved, and no other problems have been reported so far. This is excellent news as the battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone game was just launched on March 10.

It means that players can enjoy the Warzone game without facing any bugs. In case they do, you can highlight all the issues.

What happened with the XP the gamers have won during the issue getting solved; we don’t know. Whether the players will actually get the XP reward or not, the situation is not clear yet.

And if they do, how are developers able to judge how much XP to put in each player’s account? Maybe there are some parameters, perhaps not.

The devs fixed the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare XP bug

The XP award bug was highlighted on March 8, and Infinity Ward developers have taken action immediately fixing the issue within two days.

“We’re currently tracking an issue where XP is not being awarded after matches. Our teams are investigating, and we’ll provide another update when we have more information. Thank you for your patience. We’ll keep you updated and thank you again for your patience,” posted Infinity Ward on their official Twitter account.

As the problems are now sorted, and we invite you to try out the Call of Duty: Warzone. The latest COD game was released yesterday as a standalone version and is completely free. You can also find the battle royale game on more platforms, so pick whichever is more suitable for you.

As mentioned above, if you face any other issues or errors in the game, feel free to report them to the Infinity Ward team, and hopefully, they will sort them out as quickly as the XP reward bug.
Have a great day!

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