Call of Duty: Modern Warfare — More Details on the New Season 2

It seems that Call of Duty has leaked some essential information about their second season of the online multiplayer battle pass. We now know a lot more about the content that will be provided by the battle pass – there’s also a familiar face from a previous installment. We have even heard about a fan-favorite weapon from the ‘Modern Warfare’ franchise, that’s bound to return here.

So who is this mysterious character in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2?

The ‘Modern Warfare’ Season Two battle pass will bring back Ghost, who is a character from the ‘Modern Warfare 2’ campaign mode.

Ghost was actually part of Captain Price’s Task Force 141, and it was an important one in the campaign until you had to do the mission ‘Loose Ends.’ This is the mission in which the campaign in ‘Modern Warfare 2’ really showed what it was made of since you were betrayed by General Sheppard, who then kills Roach – the character you were playing, and Ghost.

This is the very first return of Ghost to the ‘Modern Warfare’ since the betrayal. If you finished the latest addition to the ‘Modern Warfare’ series, in the ending sequence, you were able to see that Captain Price mentioned Ghost when he was assembling ‘Task Force 141.’

Fans have started to speculate: Ghost might be Alex, who is thought to believe that he died from an explosion which also destroyed Barkov’s gas factory.

More novelties in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2

There were also two new guns that were released in this leak. The first gun was the GRAU 5.56 assault rifle, which, as we already know, is believed to be full of potential, and maneuverable. The second one is ‘Striker 45’, which looks like the UMP 45, which is among the favorites in the game.

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