Brooklyn’s Nine-Nine Season 8 Is Happening thanks to NBC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was close to ending because Fox decided to cancel the show after five seasons. At that news, fans from all over the world have started a significant movement. They requested that the show must have a continuation of the series. Thanks to NBC, who saved the day, Brooklyn Nine-Nine will continue, and three more seasons are to come.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is On

To continue with the happy note, Season 7 will debut in February 2020, so it’s closer than we imagine. But that’s not all, because Season 8 is getting a renewal, thanks to the makers, fans, and NBC. The markers are very confident about their project, and we saw that the sitcom had a catch on the public. So now that our hopes are up once again, we can tell you the news we have about Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 8.

Thanks to NBC once again, that had taken the show. Because of that action, we are discussing right now about Season 8 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The production has a Nielsen rating from 1.2 to 3.2 million viewers. This rating means that the output increased its scores to 50%. You can’t cancel a show with this rating, and fans had a saying in this too. The announcement of the Season 8 was posted on Twitter from the official account of the production. The tweet caption said that good things come to those who wait and that NBC is the one that is broadcasting it, and we can agree with that.

Finally, after the great news appeared on Twitter, fans worldwide celebrated and thanked NBC for the exceptional step of continuing the show. NBC saves the day, and the fan’s faith is back, while the show goes on. Also, what we know from Season 8 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is that Jake and Amy are on their honeymoon, but of course, life happens, and things will not have a lot of honey. Holt will become the NYPD Commissioner, while Gina Linetti is coming back to Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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