BitLife 1.26.2 Update Comes With A New Event

Many smartphone lovers love to play video games on their devices, as it is a relaxing activity. Most games tend to attract users with impressive graphics, but BitLife applies a different strategy, offering an excellent gameplay experience that entertains millions of people from all over the world.

About BitLife

BitLife offers an interesting and interesting format where the star is you. Create a character and live an interesting digital life as you go through all the stages of life, experience unexpected events, and meet your inevitable demise.

After the app is installed and launched, the user will have the option to press on the New Life button, generating a new playable character. A variety of the information will be displayed on the screen, including your name, the name of the parents and their occupations, how the pregnancy was conceived, and your birthday and zodiac sign.

All aspects are chosen from a random pool. Press the age button, and your character will become one year older. As time passes, new stages will be unlocked, along with additional activities and interactions.

What’s new in BitLife 1.26.2?

During the first five years of life, you will be limited to only a few prompts since it assumed that you are a baby and can’t stuff on your own.

However, once you become old enough to go to school, there are many things that can be done, like interacting with colleagues, playing with your pet, or studying for classes and exams. When you become a teenager, you can take part-time jobs to earn some pocket money and start a relationship.

As expected, many fun activities will be available once you become an adult, as you can go into clubs, find a well-paid job, go on holiday and much more. Several mini-games will offer an entertaining distraction, and specific in-game events pack interesting opportunities. The BitLife 1.26.2 update comes with the Vampire Challenge event.

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