Best Stardew Valley Alternatives That You Can Play Right Now

When an amazing game appears on the market, it is really hard for clones not to make their appearance, too. But these clones are only based on the game, and they come with something new, which makes them pretty good. We have written this article to give you the best Stardew Valley alternatives.

Best Stardew Valley alternatives

Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

This one is quite different than the Stardew Valley game. This one is much darker. It is not the same old story, and we do not have a janitor that is cursing the name of the corporations and capitalism.

We are talking about a cleaning lady who cleans an alien spaceport from junk. Her life is hard. The game is depressing. Even robots’ lives are hard: they can barely afford to eat – if they eat. You have to explore the city, find friends, buy and sell things in order to survive.


This one is a simulator of a shopkeeper who is bargaining with customers. He usually fills goods with gaps in the shop window. But at night, the story changes: he turns into a warrior, looking for new products for his shop. This game is all about fate and family drama.

The game was able to catch the repetitive Stardew Valley gameplay, and this is why Moonlight is among the first games on this list.

Voodoo Garden

If you want something simpler than Stardew Valley, then Voodoo Garden is what you need. You need to equip your own garden. You need to grow or collect some ingredients for various voodoo potions and recipes.

You get mushrooms, flowers and honey, even snake fangs and frog legs. You can get chickens and rabbits – collect ingredients from them or sacrifice them, you know, whatever floats your boat. Unless it rains, animal perfumes can help you look after your garden. Ghosts do not like it, though.

My Time at Portia

The world in this one is very beautiful, and it sends positive emotions for the player. It is a bit of The Sims with a bit of Stardew Valley. You need to join the community of the city of Portia, become a farmer or artisan.

Everyone wants to be friends with you. But it is up to you if you want that or not. You also need to build your workshop and the city. It is really so much to do, and you won’t realize how fast time flies by.

Farming Valley: Minecraft Modpack

Well, you know what Minecraft is. It is full of creativity, and you can turn the game with a set of mods like in Stardew Valley. You are free to plant seasonal crops, then water them, then sell vegetables.

You can also hire NPCs to build the city. In comparison with Minecraft, this game is very different. But you do need Minecraft installed in your system.

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