Best Alternatives For Reliable Video Streaming

Rabbit, also known as,​ used to be the most popular video streaming platform in the world that also allowed private group video and text chat at the same time. This means that it enabled people to watch online content together with friends from different locations, while also chatting in real-time.

Launched in 2014, the platform has had, however, a rough existence, and had to shut down last year. Fortunately, there are numerous other alternatives that you can enjoy, so considering the state of affair that the world is under at the moment.

Best Alternatives For Reliable Video Streaming


Kosmi​ also enables users to create virtual groups with friends and watch content together. The app doesn’t require installation or signup, but it allows you to make a chat room and use it to share your screen or browser tab to watch movies with another person in another location.

It also enables you to watch synced local video files, YouTube videos, as well as play a Quake 3 game. You can start an NES or SNES Emulator, which will then be run in multiplayer mode by all the members in the chat room, or start a Texas Holdem Poker table, and so on.

Anyone with an URL can join a group chat, or by requesting to join from the public lobby of the app. The public lobby is an open chat integrated with a Discord server operated by Kosmi​.


Watch2gether makes it possible to watch content in sync with other people in other locations, and that makes it one of the best alternatives for video streaming. Users are allowed to create their own chat without even signing in and invite others to join it.

Still, the videos you can watch are limited to platforms such as YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Vimeo, and DailyMotion. However, Watch2gether allows you to also listen to music together via SoundCloud or watch live Twitch content.


TogetherTube​ is also restricted to popular platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and SoundCloud, but it allows users to create both private and public chat groups. All the users in a chat room are allowed to add videos from the supported platforms to a joint playlist, and the video with the most votes gets to be played next.

The platform comes with several other useful features that make it more unique, including the ability to configure the settings in the chat room; it allows you to change the name of the chat group or even restrict other users to vote on the content.


Basically, Rave​ is a web-based media platform, which also aims to be a social media app. It allows you to share the content you are watching or listening to with other people and also enables you to share it from mobile phones.

Supported platforms include YouTube, Viki, Dropbox, Reddit, and Google Drive: users are allowed to share streaming content or media from their Dropbox or Google Drive accounts. Rave​ functions on almost every device on the market today and even has a mobile app available for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Netflix Party

Netflix Party​ is a browser extension compatible with Google Chrome, which means you and those you want to use it have to install it. After adding it to the Chrome, simply log into your Netflix account and choose the content you want to watch. Then, use the extension to create a Netflix Party and invite other users to join it; you can chat in real-time as the content streams.

The extension doesn’t function on other streaming platforms or local content, though, as it is mainly made for Netflix. Still, it is one of the limited alternatives that enable you to watch Netflix shows.

The Bottom Line

If you want to enjoy some of the best alternatives for video streaming, you should stick to those presented above. They are safe to use and reliable sources of video content.

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