Best Personal Safety Apps for iOS Users

There are enough apps to help us when in need. iOS users might want to take a look at the following best personal safety apps. Try preventing danger with a simple app on your smartphone.

Threats are usually hard to anticipate. They always come without warning, and your well-being might be severely affected. Nobody ever wants to encounter a natural disaster or to fall in trouble. It is recommended to be prepared before some issues threaten your lifestyle.

But such a thing means spending a lot of money, energy, and time to get personal security and safety to you and your family.

Best Personal Safety Apps For iOS Users


Hollaback is made to cease any disrespectful actions as well as harassment. The app can share someone’s negative experiences on the bus, streets, or any other places. Hollaback succeeded in inspiring many people to raise their voices and stand up against street harassment.

Using the Hollaback app, you can efficiently take a picture or a video of the scene. As a victim of the situation, you will be able to share the incident with others. Doing such a thing, a criminal map will be developed to give early warnings and find the most vulnerable areas. Law enforcement will also act and take preemptive decisions to cease any street harassment towards people. Currently, Hollaback is used by 21 cities and 16 countries!

ICE Personal Safety App

ICE stands for In Case of Emergency and has accessible features such as Instant Message and Delayed Message. The app informs your family and friends what you’re doing before something terrible happens. To write a Delayed Message, you’ll have to choose a contact, then a subject such as walking or hiking and write a message. Start the GPS and select the time of sending it.

Red Panic Button

Red Panic Button is one of the most used apps globally. You’ll only have to press the red button before expecting danger or falling in distress. Set a panic mail address or a number, and your iPhone will send a message using GPS.

Red Panic Button, one of the best personal safety apps for iOS, needs a steady Internet connection to send your messages and determine the distress region. Among the app’s features, you can find Send Panic SMS, One Touch Panic via Widget, Send Panic Email, and Share Panic on Twitter.

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