Best Method to Connect Your PlayStation 4 to Your Laptop

The actual and popular console from Sony, the PlayStation 4, has millions of fans and users at this moment. Besides playing only on your console, you can do another thing with it. How about connecting the PS4 to your laptop? It is enough to have your DualShock 4 connected through USB on your computer, and the Remote Play is available. If you are curious about how this will work, we will explain everything you have to know, step by step. Let’s cut straight to the chase and prepare your laptop and PS4. Follow these steps and enjoy!

How to connect your PlayStation 4 to your laptop

Let’s start by opening the Google Chrome browser, and insert the following link from the PlayStation website – ” ”

You have to download the Remote Play app from Sony to connect the console to Windows. Don’t worry; the app is free. Install the new app into your device by following the instruction. Go to the Windows Start menu and look for the PS4 Remote Play. You will find that the app has a blue icon similar to the DualShock controller.

The next step is to connect the controller through USB on your PC/laptop. Press the Options button from the controller, enter your PS account by login in. This is all you have to do for playing on your PC or laptop.

Besides the easy steps for setting up Remote Play on your laptop or PC, you must set up your PS4 for the app. Enter Settings from the PS4, select the Remote Play Connection Settings and Enable the Remote Play. Return to Settings, choose PlayStation Network/Account Manager and Activate as Your Primary PS4.

Finally, you must know the system requirements. The Remote Play for PlayStation 4 works on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, with an Intel processor with i5-560M (2.67 GHz). The minimum memory you need is 2GB of RAM and storage space from 100MB above.

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