Best Google Play Store Alternatives That You Must Use In 2020

Most users take their apps from the Google Play Store if they are an Android user. But clearly, it is not the only place. Google does not allow other app stores to be downloaded directly from Google Play, but that does not mean that you are not able to get them. we have written this article to give you the best three app store alternatives to the Google Play Store.

First, you need to go to the Settings menu, then Open Security, check the unknown sources box. You can now install apps from outside the Google Play Store. This also means that the apps installed do not have Google’s seal of approval, which means that they may not be secured, either. Always make sure you check them before you download them.

Best Google Play Store Alternatives That You Must Use In 2020


This one has many free apps. There are categories, and you can filter the games and apps quickly. It reminds us of most of the Google Play Store. The categories are the same.

GetJar has cross-platform support, and it also works on Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and iOS. It also comes with user comments and Facebook support.

Amazon App Store

This one has thousands of free and paid apps, and it’s really where you should start after leaving the Google Play Store.

Amazon gives away a paid app for free every day, and you can get it only if you’re using the dedicated app store. Amazon is also known for offering free bundles of paid apps – and they are the good ones.

The Amazon App Store also comes with a great selection of movies, songs, and books, and you can find them at lower prices than on the Google Play Store.


This is among the fancy ones. It actually works with a distributed network of various stores, and it unifies them under the Aptoide platform. But this means that it’s also full of risks, so be careful there.

It’s faster than the Google Play Store. The beta versions of WhatsApp or Nova Launcher are also there. There are some paid apps on the Google Play Store, which are free in Aptoide.

Because it poses some high risks, this one should only be used by experienced users, who can see pirated or suspicious software. However, Aptoide is one of the best Google Play Store alternatives out there.

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