Best Alternatives for TutuApp – What’s Better?

There are times in life when you want to buy an app, but you still have some hesitation. You may think it’s not worth it; it has false reviews; it may be full of ads, and so on. Luckily, there is at least one way to find out if it’s worth paying money for an app, and it’s called Tutuapp.

Tutuapp is an app made in China that allows you to download for free apps that normally should be paid for. After being only in the Chinese version for plenty of time, meanwhile, the app has been translated and released as an English version as well.

Plenty of apps emerged and tried to rival Tutuapp’s great capabilities. Let’s see several of them:

Panda Helper

This is a great alternative to Tutuapp, and plenty of people prefer it as the first option. With PandaHelper you will get access to numerous cracked apps for iOS for free. The database is so rich that you should look at it with high respect.


This app has a very nice looking design, and you will even find on it pretty much all the good things that TutuApp has to offer. Also, another awesome aspect of HiPStore is that it doesn’t require you to sign in or to add any of your personal data.


Although it grants you access to premium apps, iPASTORE is not free of charge. For a small fee, you’ll enter the app’s world and no other fees are required.


With tons of free apps, AppAddict is also not completely free. You will have to pay a small amount of money for the premium version for the app to work with a non-jailbreaked iPhone.


Last but not least, AppiShare is worth mentioning on this list. It works with any iPhone, even if it’s jailbroken or not. The download of the apps is fast, and also the other functions.

These apps will surely help you to find great alternatives to Tutuapp, if you ever need any.

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