Become a Pro Minecraft Player with the Best Tips for a Grand Success

A lot of you are in love with Minecraft and are playing it and trying to succeed. Unfortunately, not all players are winning, and in time it can become frustrating. So, if you want to succeed and become the best player in Minecraft survival mode, you are where you need to be. We will share with you all the info, tips, and tricks that we know for becoming a pro player.

The first thing for a great start is to begin from the morning time. After that, you will need to analyze the environment around you. It is better to be in an environment with water, threes, and clay. The second step is to find threes and punch them for collecting as many woods as you can.

After that, it is essential to see the mode you are playing. If you play on PE, you have to press “…”. This means that you can drag the logs in the Crafting tab on your inventory. It is crucial to collect a minimum of four wood planks.

Best Tips to Be a Pro Minecraft Player And Master the Game

Moreover, another critical step is to distribute each wood plank from your inventory in each box. The next step is making wood sticks. For doing this, you must put the wooden planks in tow different places. The first will go on top and the other at the bottom. Because the crafting is possible when you have wood, the next step is to create a wooden pickaxe.

Another significant move is to use your shovel and dig a room from the stones. The following stage is to build your furnace from the mined stones. By burning wood in the stove, you will have charcoal that can help you to create torches. In the end, you will use the lights created with the charcoal and put them inside your house, on the roof and floor.

Finally, during night time, you must have a door to protect you and your chest during nighttime. The following morning doesn’t forget to get your sword and stay out of the side of monsters. For surviving, you will kill everything that moves and collect wool food. With the wool received, you can make a bed that will help you to save your spawn point. Also, kill mobs at night and create more tools.

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