Battlefield 6 Might Launch Later This Year

DICE’s Battlefield 6 is the next first-person shooter (FPS) game that is expected to have a massive influence on everything that FPS means. Following the launch of Call of Duty: Moren Warfare, Battlefield was no longer the dominant title in the gaming community, after two best consecutive years. However, something doesn’t seem right with the title.

Delay Reasons

Battlefield 6​ could be postponed because EA is currently working on numerous projects that might be more in the view that the sixth sequel of the FPS game. However, when Apex Legends are upgraded, it will most definitely be another factor that is capable of changing the whole release schedule.

Modern Military-Based Projects

The latest two titles from Battlefield have mainly concentrated on historical events, and current military scenarios in games​ are not as much included. Battlefield 3 was the last release in the series and was incredibly loved when it came to the gameplay and the narrative. It is, therefore, requested that the gaming studio will come with a military-based sequel that would keep up the level of the Battlefield series.

Battlefield 6’s Game Mechanics

Historic wars do not include the most recent discoveries and advances in weapons technology. Weapons used back then are not sufficiently adequate for players, as there is no developed weaponry or air support, provided in all the other games. The next title’s success could solely depend on whether the developers drop the Vietnam war idea or stick with it.

Will Battlefield 6 be Set in Vietnam?

Battlefield 6​ is expected by some to pack a lot of elements from the Vietnam war period, while numerous reports are saying that there is a chance that Battlefield Bad Company 2 would make a return. The sequel is worth reappearing in the next sequel of the franchise, but it all depends, again, on the developers’ final decision regarding the gameplay settings.

Release Date

The launch date of the Battlefield 6​ has not been announced as of yet, and there is no trace of trailers or teasers of the game. However, numerous reports state that we should expect it sometime in October of this year.

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