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Apple Watch Series 6: When Is the Release Date?

Apple Watch Series 6 is said to be launched this year, and we all expect it to come with fabulous, new features. The smartwatch from Apple is known to be lightweight, with amazing features and strong connectivity.

Right now, Apple is working on Watch Series 6. Based on reports, this one is set to be one of the best smartwatches out there. Here is all we know so far.

About specs of the Apple Watch Series 6

It will come with an improved battery. Apple Watch Series 6 will increase the battery life, which will also help with the new features.

It will come with a Touch ID Sensor. They want to do it as a security authentication measure. But the Watch Series 6 already contains an ECG monitor, so it is quite confusing how they will also add a Touch ID Sensor. They are working on this.

It will come with a Pulse Detection System. It will have new sensors that can detect pulse and blood oxygen levels.

It will come with Sleep Tracking. Apple will finally introduce the support for sleep tracking in the Watch Series 6 smartwatches. The feature used to monitor sleeping hours was supposed to come with Watch Series 5, but we will surely have it on the 6th series Apple watches.

It will come with LTE and WiFi 6 Connectivity. Apple Watch Series 6 will be powered by the new WatchOS 7, which will come with new features and enhancements for better support for LTE and WiFi 6 connectivity.

So when is the release date?

The release date was set in September 2020, as the company follows a strict annual calendar. However, with the recent coronavirus outbreak, there are many delays, including many Apple products. The Apple Watch Series 6 launch may also be postponed. But the company is trying its best not to delay the production of the iPhone 12, and the Watch Series 6.

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