Apple Watch Series 6 News — Release Date, Design, Features, And More

Apple Watch Series 5 is the best smartwatch on the market so far. This makes us think what is Apple Watch Series 6 series going to offer? Although we haven’t heard any official news regarding the upcoming smartwatch series, we definitely listened to the rumors surrounding this topic. So let’s start discussing all the rumors and speculation that have been circulating the internet so far.

Apple Watch Series 6 series release date

Looking at the release of the smartwatch Series 5 earlier this month and the launch of its predecessor, Apple Watch Series 4 series back in September 2018, make us speculate that the latest models of the Apple Watch are going to be released sometime during September 2020.

Apple Watch Series 6 price

Judging by the previous rates for the Apple Watch 5 series, the upcoming version of the Apple Watch will more than likely start from £400 again. The premium version of the 5 Series was up to £1,399, so the Series 6 models will cost roughly the same, maybe a little bit more.

Apple Watch Series 6 design

The upcoming Apple wearables might have some changes in the Digital Crown category. Some of the recent rumors point out that the future Series 6 won’t come with any Crown feature. However, this is just a rumor, so don’t take it by heart. Although a sleeker design of the hand watch doesn’t sound bad at all.

Judging by the previous Apple wearables, the square retina display is probably going to be part of the future series as well. Another rumor that circulated the internet was that the Series 5 would have an in-built camera so maybe the camera was for the Series 6.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a leaker, the Apple Watch 6 series is going to work faster; therefore, the upcoming wearables will have a better performance. We look forward to new details about the forthcoming smartwatch series from the Cupertino-based company.

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