Apple TV Buffering: All You Need to Do to Solve the Problem in No Time

Apple TV has been a great success since day one. It allows you to watch movies, play some games, use different apps, or connect your other Apple devices. They are all in one single place. The interface is great, but sometimes it does come with some problems. Users saw a problem with it: it buffers when watching a movie or a show. The interruptions are quite annoying, so we are here to help you in this matter.

The internet speed might be a problem. Check the internet speed – there are many websites out there that can help you with that. Keep in mind that High Definition videos can stream without actually cutting in on speed faster than 15 Megabytes per second.

Make sure that the internet connection is good. You need to make sure that your Wi-Fi has a strong connection, or that the router is placed near the TV. Also, there should not be any other devices interrupting the signal near the TV. If it still does not work, disconnect from the network and then connect it again. In order to do so, select Network, then Wi-Fi. Then, you will need to choose the network that you are connected to and click on Forget. Then, connect to the network again.

More modems in the house. If you have more than one modem in your house, make sure you are connected to the one that’s near your TV – this way, you will get a strong signal.

Reboot. We know that it sounds silly, but it might work – try to switch it off and then on again.

Change the resolution. If you are watching something on Netflix or Hulu, you can always change the streaming quality. It might solve your problems in no time.

A wired connection might be better. It is a good idea if you are using some devices that are connected to a wireless network. The TV can be connected to the modem because it has an Ethernet port.

Reset your TV. If you do this, you will get back to the basic settings, which can help you solve the issue. In order to do so, go to Settings, then click on Reset – it is under the General section. Then, select Reset All Settings. It will start to reboot automatically.

Update the software. You always need to keep your software updated. In order to do so, go to the Settings, then click on System. After that, click on Software Update and update it.

Go back to the factory settings of the TV. This means that it will delete all the data about the settings and your preferences. In order to do so, open the Settings, go to General, and click on Reset. Then, from the menu, choose Restore and wait for a few minutes, until your TV starts.

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