Apple To Add New Privacy Features To Safari, To Surpass Google Chrome

Apple’s primary focus is to keep its users in a private and secure environment. This is why the company has just announced its customers that the Safari browsers will be upgraded to automatically blocking the third-party cookies. With this move, Safari outperforms Google Chrome, regarding the privacy settings.

Cookies are extensions that allow advertisers to follow one’s Internet activity. This will enable them to know which publicity would be the most effective to display. Apple’s new upgrade is a component of the Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention and was confirmed by engineer John Wilander.

What the leader of the team, John Wilander, is suggesting that this outbreak is quite essential because up until now nobody has ever implemented clear regulations on consumer’s privacy. However, the biggest competitor on the market is Google, which is 17% ahead of Apple’s Safari.

New Privacy Features In Apple’s Safari Outperform Those Of Google Chrome

Google is as well taking into consideration its users’ privacy. The Google team has announced that blocking by default third party cookies will not be possible until 2022. This issue has become of the utmost importance to many users since the Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal arose. After that, online surfers from all over the world have been aware of their lack of privacy on the Internet.

Coming back to the updates, Apple is promising for its Safari Browser, and its appearance might seem different from the previous version. One of the essential features to be changed is disabling logging in using the fingerprint. This is important since it allows advertisers to know when the owner has unlocked the phone.

The cybersecurity specialist of ESET, Jake Moore, underlines the importance of Apple’s initiative. He states that this is a great marketing strategy for Apple to adopt in a time when privacy is such a heating issue. This update is scheduled to be released with the iOS 13.3 upgrade. Nonetheless, this measure will be a total asset for customers, but a disadvantage for the advertisers.

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