Apple Set to Perform macOS App Verification Requirements

Apple has announced its plans recently for a notarisation process. Developers who release Mac apps outside the Mac App Store will soon need to submit to Apple for the notarisation. The procedure will be introduced next year in February. What is meany by notarisation? Such a thing means that it will allow users more confidence and security that Apple has verified the distributed software for malicious items.

A few months ago, Apple made public that all Mac software shared outside the Mac App Store must be notarized by Apple to work by default on macOS Catalina. Moreover, the company modified and customized the notarization prerequisites to realize this transition easier. Also, to ensure more protection to users on macOS Catalina, who continue to utilize older variants of software.

Currently, Apple has new policies that demand developers to submit their apps to Apple to proceed through a notarizing security manner. If they choose not to do that, their apps won’t run in macOS Catalina.

Apple Set to Perform macOS App Verification Requirements

Apple’s full statement reads: “If you have not yet done so, upload your software to the notary service and review the developer log for warnings. These warnings will become errors starting February 3 and must be fixed in order to have your software notarized. Software notarized before February 3 will continue to run by default in macOS Catalina.”

According to MacRumors, Apple has been demanding new software shared with a Developer ID outer of the Mac App Store to be notarized to work. Such a fact was released to macOS Mojave 10.14.5, with the notarization process developed to secure Mac users from harmful apps.

Users should understand that the process of notarization is not App Review. The Apple notary system is an automated process that runs and scans into your system for all malicious content. Also, it checks for code-signing issues and returns the results to users in a short time.

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