Apple Releases a Revamped Version of the Maps App

The first version of the first-party Maps app released by Apple sparked many discussions and memes when it was released. In the following years, a series of functional upgrades managed to remove bugs and make it useful, but it failed to become a threat against Google Maps.

Apple has released a new version of the Maps app for iOS users who live in the United States. It comes with a massive redesign and several new features that have the chance to attract more users. The company has stated that it will be available for European customers in a few months.

A redesign strategy for the app was announced in 2018, but it thought that Apple was already working on a revamp for several years. One of the most significant differences can be observed when the non-satellite view is selected as several objectives are now more visible. Still, some users have noted that small residential streets appear to be harder to spot.

Apple Releases a Revamped Version of the Maps App

Apple’s revamped Maps app should also be considerably faster and more responsive in comparison to the older version, and the accuracy has been increased. Siri will now be able to instruct users to move to the turning lane before they pass the end of the line.

A high-ranking Apple employee has stated that the app was rebuilt from the ground up to deliver an impressive experience that would complement the lifestyle of the users. Privacy was also highlighted as a significant priority for the development team.

Besides new looks, the app also has an exciting feature named Look Around. It appears to have been inspired by Street View, and it is only available in a limited selection of cities at this point, but more locations will be added with the help of upcoming updates. Several other quality-of-life tweaks and features have been added, among which we can count real-time transit schedules and indoor maps for select locations.

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