Apple Music Will Soon Be Available On Instagram Stories

The news about Apple’s latest decision to bring Apple Music to the Facebook-owned platform, Instagram, surprised everyone. The newest iOS 13.4.5 developer beta update gives us a sneak peek of what to expect next from Apple.

One of the features Apple plans to make its music service available on other social platforms. The tech giant will integrate Apple Music soon with stories on Facebook and Instagram.

Apple Music Service Available For Instagram Stories Soon

The upcoming upgrade, Apple Music will encounter, will allow users to upload music from the service to their social network stories. This update is not yet available. It will be officially introduced in a few months. Apple Music users will notice the Instagram icon in the Share button soon.

This feature creates a story on Instagram with information such as the song’s title and album and an animated background. So, when one of your followers view the story and tap on the title of the song, they’re redirected to Apple Music.

The features are still under development. Apple didn’t release any details about the launch dates. It should arrive later this year, but no hints can’t indicate a thing. Apple’s upcoming collaboration with the Facebook-owned platform will bring users more opportunities to share their favorite music playlists via Instagram stories.

The Fans Praised The Apple’s Decision

Apple’s decision, however, doesn’t make it the first to do such a thing. Spotify is another music service that offers its users the option to share music. It became Instagram’s most praised feature for stories. Spotify allows users to chose any sections of the song they want to add on Instagram, with a time bar option.

We need to wait and see how significant Apple’s plans will be. Until now, the news of an Apple Music feature for Instagram stories has been well-received.

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