Apple Is Now Selling Refurbished iPhone XS and XS Max

iPhone users that want to upgrade to a more recent iOS device can now choose a much cheaper smartphone. Apple has decided they will not let their users switch to Android or keep old, unsupported iPhones, so they’re now selling refurbished iPhone XS and XS Max through their Refurbished program.

A Cheaper and Newer iPhone for as Little as $699

Why a refurbished iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max is a better choice than other iPhones?

Compared to older iPhones, the XS and XS Max were launched in September 2018, which does not make them quite old. We can agree they are not exactly new, but then again, they are also not $999+ – unless you go for the most significant storage offer on the XS Max.

This is why Apple has begun officially selling the refurbished iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, which will surely be an upgrade for those that are not yet ready to buy the new iPhone 11.

The Apple online store offers a refurbished iPhone XS for $699 (the 64GB of storage model) for $829 (256GB model) or $999 (512GB of storage).

The iPhone XS Max starts at $799 (64GB model), the 256 GB version is $929, and the 512GB version costs $1,099.

Even at those prices, compared to the ones in 2018, they’re $300 – $350 cheaper.

The refurbished iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will come in their standard colors (Silver, Space Gray, and Gold), and will be sold unlocked.

Apple Offers New Battery, New Outer Shell, and a One-year Warranty

Apple guarantees the refurbished iPhones have passed through tests, inspections, cleaning and will be sold repackaged in a new box, containing manuals and accessories.

The refurbished iPhones will also come with a new battery and a new outer shell. Moreover, Apple adds a one-year warranty on them, and they can be extended with an AppleCare+.

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