Apple iPhone 12: Will the Release Date Be Delayed?

Apple iPhone 12 may come this year with a lot of upgrades, including changed to the camera and 5G network support. It has been said that the upcoming iPhone 12 series will come with a bigger battery, 3D cameras, and many other updates. Apple wants to be the best and the next device to hit the market with their name on it to be the best one out there.

There is also a chance that the iPhone 12 launch date will get delayed because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Here is all we know so far.

Specs and features

The series can get some significant upgrades when it comes to the camera of the device. The company might introduce a 64MP rear lens with the new device. The current model, iPhone 11, has only 12MP cameras, so that would be a big leap.

According to some recent sources, Apple iPhone 12 will come with a 3D depth rear camera, with sensors and laser functions. This will allow the camera to detect the distance between the device and the objects around it in order to support the augmented reality features. The front camera already has a 3D support for Face ID, so the phone might get two 3D cameras.

The battery life needs improvements, we all know that. They want to increase it by 10%, getting to a battery capacity of 4,400 mAh. The phone might also come with an OLED display, which means that it might need a bigger battery in the future. We also heard about a 5G network.

So when is the release date?

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, nothing is for sure right now. The device was initially set to be released in September 2020, at the company’s annual event.

“According to Bank of America analysts, the upcoming iPhone 12 models could be delayed by a month due to the coronavirus outbreak. That would mean that the new iPhone models could be released in October/November instead of the usual September launch.”

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