Apple iPhone 12: We Get Two 3D Cameras

Apple iPhone 12 will be here this year with all kinds of amazing things like major camera boosts, and 5G network support. It has been said that the upcoming iPhone 12 series will come with a bigger battery, some 3D cameras, and many new cool updates. The giant tech company wants to “defeat” all of its competition and released one of the best iPhones out there.

There are also chances that the iPhone 12 release date will get delayed if the Coronavirus will not get under control soon. Here is all we know so far about the device.

There is a battery upgrade

The iPhone 12 series would come with amazing upgrades in the camera department since they are introducing a 64MP rear lens with this new device. This is quite the leap since iPhone 11 Pro only has 12MP cameras.

According to some reports, Apple iPhone 12 will come with a 3D depth rear camera with laser and sensor functions. This allows the camera to see the distance between the device and real-life objects, and this way, they are supporting the augmented reality features. The front camera already had a 3D sensor that supports Face ID. iPhone 12 it is said to have two 3D cameras.

Apple knows that it has troubles with the battery, and they want to increase the battery life by 10%. So the battery will come with a capacity of 4,400 mAh. Samsung has recently come up with a 120 Hz display with Galaxy S20, and it is believed that Apple might also do so, with the OLED display.

We have also heard that iPhone 12 will come with support for the 5G network.

So when is the release date?

The original release date was set on September 2020, during the company’s annual event. However, with the coronavirus outbreak, the production of the iPhones has been halted.

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