Apple Insider Uncovers Unexpected iPhone 12 Release!

We know a lot about Apple’s redesigned iPhone 12 lineup, aside from the official release date.

However, we have just recently learned it, and it’s unexpected!

The Leak

Apple insider iHacktu has announced that the iPhone 12 lineup will be the earliest flagship iPhone event in years.

Additionally, the tech giant will use it as the first of a set of events from this year to introduce new iPhones, iPads, and the first Apple Silicon Macs, AirPower, and more!


After Apple accidentally leaked the iPhone 12, we have a first part of the leak, which displays the most exciting model in the new lineup.

The display for the new entry-level 5.4-inch iPhone 12 was posted to Weibo.

The images revealed the display’s connector, and, unfortunately, the familiar notch that we’ve previously seen on the iPhone X, XS, and 11 models.

It was believed that Apple would decrease the notch size across the iPhone 12 lineup.

Early leaks to case makers have also portrayed the same big notch, but both the notch and camera design usually aren’t shared with case makers, as they don’t need to know them to produce cases.

However, even as it is, nothing is official until Tim Cook unveils it on stage!

Digitimes has confirmed iHacktu’s leak, stating that it would unveil the new smartphone lineup in September.


Curiously, Digitimes’ source said that “pricing for Apple’s iPhone 5G phones… will play a key role for ramping up buying momentum for iPhones and non-iPhone models in the end market in second-half 2020.”

Pricing was always one of the most critical aspects of new Apple devices, as many people claim that Apple will undercut rivals, though not by much.

According to iHacktu, the iPhone 12 will be introduced on September 8.

Stay tuned to learn more details about the smartphone!

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