Apple HomePod Mini Full Specs and Features: What Should You Know

homepod mini all specs

Apple has finally launched the much-awaited smart speaker, a new generation that promises better performance, the HomePod Mini. 

The new speaker packs one of the best features, coming with inbuilt Siri, better control of your smart home devices, and automatic integration with the Home app. 

Apple HomePod Mini comes with a price of just $99 and will be available for pre-orders in two color options, starting next month, on November 6. All the features and specs are now revealed. Here is what you need to know.

HomePod Mini Specs and Features


The HomePod Mini comes with a backlit touch-sensitive top with pause, play, and sleek volume controls. It has an excellent way to show when Siri is active, getting illuminated. 

The smart speaker has two high excursion passive radiators for extra, cool bass and a full-range dynamic driver, delivering incredible 360-degree sound. 

Siri improvements

Siri on HomePod Mini is probably the best so far! It will recognize the voices of all members in your family and access the necessary apps on your iPhone to read and send different tasks or messages. You’ll also get updated with personal updates.


Intercom is a new feature that allows you to send a message from one smart speaker to another in another room or why not in all rooms. It’s actually so great because it works with all the other Apple products and services. 

How it works: The audio content will be played on HomePod Mini devices and AirPods, while iPhones and CarPlay, for example, will only receive notifications of your messages.

Privacy details

Apple focused on privacy, too. The HomePod Mini will store the audio, but only if you allow it to do that. And the personal updates will be available only for you at home. The personal details are encrypted. 

The new Apple HomePod Mini will sure bring more joy and reliability to all users!


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