Apple Expends Its Most Significant Apps To More Markets

The giant Cupertino has announced today that the company is expanding its services for a more extensive market. From now on, App Store, iCloud, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Music will be available to a large number of new markets in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. This decision has been categorized as being one of the most impressive geographical expansions of all time for such a remarkable company.

AppStore, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Arcade are finally available in 20 more nations, while AppleMusic has been released for 52 more countries. The music streaming service is now composed of Africa Now, Ghana Bounce, and Afrobeats Hits. In addition to this, Apple is proud to offer a free trial of six months on the most recent launched markets.

Apple expands most of its apps and services on a more global scale

Oliver Schuster, the vice president of Apple Music and International Contents, has recently declared that he is delighted to make the most appreciated services of Apple available for a broader range of people. He underlined that he is hoping that everybody will get the chance to try their favorite applications a pick what suits their needs the best.

At the moment, the App Store can now be accessed by people from 175 nations on a global scale. Apple Music can be reached from 167 countries and regions. The biggest competitor, Spotify, is available in less than 100 countries worldwide. This decision to make their services available to a broader public aims to grow the company’s income and produce more profit. In addition to this, the extra services are already more profitable than the wearable accessories, the Mac, and the iPads.

An impressive number of people have voiced their opinions stating that, unfortunately, the company is limited in availability, and therefore there are lots of users who cannot benefit from the same opportunities. Hopefully, the expansion caters to everyone’s needs and allows users to explore Apple’s services.

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