Apex Legends Will Bring New Explosive Ammo Soon

Apex Legends succeeded in keeping its fans content throughout four seasons. The game introduced lots of content and sleek features. Respawn has kept the battle royale’s top status with frequent updates, adding new weapons, characters, and some limited-time modes.

After we witnessed the arrival of sniper ammo, some leaks suggest keeping our hopes high as Apex Legends is preparing for another upgrade. Details about a launch date haven’t been released yet.

Apex Legends Next Update To Include New Explosive Ammo

Dexerto reported that a Reddit leak indicates that the new ammo type is “coming soon.” Recently, some data miners detected, as well, voice lines for several new weapons. It also appears that there’s a definite connection between the two leaks. Character voice lines for weapons such as Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Softball, Archer, and Cold War were discovered.

Devoted Respawn players will recognize most of the weapons from the Titanfall series. Apex Legends is a praised game, appreciated for its excellent weapons, and those explosive weapons that fit so well.

As we follow the recent details, even as rumors, it seems more and more probably that Apex Legends will soon introduce some new type of explosive weapons. But, as players already know, that kind of weapon is always challenging to balance. Players are somehow against such an update into the game.

Respawn’s Opinion on Data Miners Is Not Good

Respawn, on the other hand, and it seems it likes to keep everything a mystery. Devs didn’t release any official statements. So, we could only hope for the best. Additionally, the devs previously confirmed that they introduce false details in the Apex Legends files to throw off the data miners.

As Dot Esports once stated, one of the main reasons Forge was hinted was to mislead the data miners. Respawn studio thinks that: “Data miners are ‘stealing’ their right to decide how they announce the content that they’ve put their ‘hearts and souls’ into.” So, it might be intriguing to see if the next Apex Legends update will make the cut after all.

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