Apex Legends Mobile Release Date Might Have Been Postponed Due To Coronavirus

As you may have heard this before, Apex Legends Mobile is set to come on the mobile platform. EA is having a partnership in China, which helps them to develop the game for Android and iOS devices. However, the battle royale game’s release date is unfortunately postponed.

The coronavirus outbreak in China has caused the game launch to be delayed. Apex Legends has climbed the popularity leader in a very short time, and EA wants to expand its boundaries by bringing the video game on the mobile platform. It would be nice to see more fierce competition between the top game, such as PUBG and Fortnite. Maybe Apex Legends will turn the tables.

Apex Legends Mobile Launch Date Postponed Because of the Coronavirus

EA and Tencent will probably develop the Apex Legends Mobile game. Tencent is known for bringing significant games on the mobile platform. The collab between the two companies has come to a stop due to the deadly virus spreading around the world. However, it is not the only game that was postponed; other games are facing the same situation.

The iPhone 12 smartphone production has come to a halt, and the upcoming James Bond movie ‘No Time to Die,’ too. The film is going to have a seven months delay because of the Covid-19.
Covid-19 has put almost the entire China on lockdown. This will create massive delays in many departments.

Apex Legends Mobile is also a very complex game; therefore, its development is more challenging to be done, but now, with the virus taking over the world is going to have even more severe delays. The mobile game was expected to be released this year; however, with the coronavirus outbreak, it will be more than likely postponed until 2021. There is no official confirmation regarding the release date yet.

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