Apex Legends Is Planning on Its Season 5 Release

Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune’s Favor is only a couple days away from its official release. The company has recently confirmed some of the upcoming specifications, and the new season is bringing Loba Andrad.

Loba will be the future battle royale character, and it will be possible to test all her capabilities with the help of a various set of modes. Loba’s past as an experienced thief will definitely bring her on an offense and support role.

Loba’s release brings as well a brand-new Quest mode, which will be available alongside the kings’ Canyon landmark. All of these details have already been revealed with the help of the Season 5 Launch Trailer, which is available on Respawn’s official webpage. In addition to this, a second trailer entitled the Season 5 gameplay trailer will be arriving on the 8th of May.

More about Loba in Apex Legends

Up until now, there has been no official declaration regarding Loba’s abilities. Apex Legends developers have posted a description of the upcoming character on their official website. The descriptive introduction about Loba described her as a sophisticated character, with a unique style and a resourceful asset, because if Loba wants something, she will definitely achieve it.

In the end, the officials wish its fans a stroke of warm good luck when trying to stop Loba. Therefore, it is clear that the company is bringing a compelling character to the battle royale game.

Other new improvements apart from the Quest mode and Loba are expected to be brought with Apex Legends Season 5. Another further development includes the implementation of a brand-new battle pass. Fans will get the chance to participate in the traditional item collection that includes legendary skins and many more prizes. Moreover, during the event, the fans may encounter additional Apex Packs and a series of entirely new rewards.

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