Angry Birds Legends Version 3.0.1 Fixes Bugs And Adds New Bonuses!

When it comes to Android apps, few names are as iconic as Angry Birds is.

The first game was released when smartphones were still a relatively new concept across the world.

The game was an instant hit, and it spawned various spinoffs, like Angry Birds Legends.

In Angry Birds Legends, the fight between the Angry Birds and their longtime piggy nemeses goes further when the newcomers capitalize on their bickering.

However, it is more complicated now, as some mysterious forces and dragons stepped into the fight.

The game challenges heroes of all factions to fight and defend the threat before it becomes unstoppable.

Players get to form a team of heroes of all races to combat the evil forces that threaten life!

A wide variety of Angry Birds characters and new faces are available!

Latest Version

The game reached version 3.0.1. The new update brings a few goodies, as the patch notes indicate:

“The Legends have been hard at work to bring you this update!

– Special rewards will now be indicated over top of nodes

– Fixed a bug that could cause players to lose their connection at the end of a battle

– Many small visual and technical bugs squashed!”

Ensure that you get the new update so that you won’t miss out on the latest features and bug fixes that the update brings.

We suggest downloading the update from an official channel, like the Google Play Store, to avoid contracting viruses or other malware forms.

You can alternatively download the app from third-party app markets, but we wouldn’t recommend that, for the previously mentioned reasons.

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