Android’s Nearby Sharing Service Available with a New Fix

Things cannot possibly be perfect in life, especially when it comes to technology. Android is the best operating system for mobile devices, and even Microsoft acknowledged it when Google and the Redmond-based company both had software available in this area. Microsoft came with Windows Mobile, but it turned out to be far less efficient than Google’s operating system.

When the Nearby Sharing service became available for Android devices, the users were as excited as they can be. Nearby Sharing is able to transfer files, links, and even more across Android devices and almost any other devices using only Google Chrome. But while Nearby Sharing began to disappear from Android phones and tablets shortly after its arrival, things seem to return back to normal again.

Nearby Sharing is back in business

It seems like the software engineers from Google had done the right thing, as plenty of Android users had reported recently that the service is working well once again on their devices. Furthermore, the good news is not over, as users are claiming that the beta test is emerging on even more devices than it was previously. Nearby Sharing should now only be accessed by people on a beta version for Google Play Services, the critical component piece of any Android phone. Without it, smartphones wouldn’t be able to connect apps, Google services, and Android components together.

With a staggering amount of 2.5 billion users, Android remains the most popular operating system for mobile devices out there. There’s no wonder why Google is doing its best to maintain it at a decent level. The best selling phones in 2020 that are equipped with Google’s operating system are the following (from best to worst): Samsung Galaxy A51, Xiaomi Redmi 8, Samsung Galaxy S20+, Samsung Galaxy A10s, and Xiaomi Redmi Note 8.

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