Android Auto Receives an Update That Significantly Improves The Settings Menu

If you’re a driver and you like Google Assistant, it’s practically mandatory to give Android Auto a try. This app made a lot of drivers to stay connected, focused, and entertained with Google’s virtual assistant software. Android Auto allows users to set reminders, update their routes, make calls, access contacts, check their calendar, and much more.

Using Android Auto becomes an even more pleasant experience along with a new interface released by Google for the settings screen.

Google Play Services made it possible

A recent update of Google Play Services made possible the newly overhauled interface of Android Auto. There’s a more modern UI now, and it’s powered by both Android 5.4 (or a newer version) and version 20.30.19 of Google Play Services (or later). Therefore, Android Auto and pairing the smartphone with the user’s car becomes a more straightforward process.

New prompts are included when setting up Android Auto wireless. Even more, everyone that has an Android 11 smartphone should be able to turn on Android Auto wireless in their cars.

The Play Store description reveals to us how to use Android Auto:

To use Android Auto, you’ll need a phone running Android 5.0 or higher (Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, or Oreo) and an active data connection.

The description further says:

Over 400 car models now support Android Auto! To find out if your car display is compatible and how to enable it, check your owner’s manual or contact your car’s manufacturer. Once enabled, use a high quality USB cable to connect your phone to your car, then launch Android Auto to get going!

The new update for Android Auto is gradually rolling out to the users, and you should be able to see the changes already. If not, you’ll just have to opt for the arguably biggest virtue of all: have some patience.

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