Android 11 To Introduce New Columbus Gesture Feature For Google Pixel Smartphones

What does Google’s Android 11 Developer Preview build has to offer? Android 11 unveils some of the features that the Google Pixel 5 smartphone could come on the market with. One of them is the new Columbus gesture feature.

Here’s what we know so far about Android 11

The new Android operating system version could support reverse wireless charging, which means that you will be able to charge many other devices with your Pixel 5, such as earbuds, for example. However, this feature is not new to other competing devices. Another thing that the developer preview reveals is that the Motion Sense Soli radar is here to stay.

Google’s gesture feature was released on Android a while ago, therefore, replacing the bottom menu. This new feature came out after iPhone X got it from Apple. You might think Google copied Apple, but this idea doesn’t originate from Apple. However, both gesture features work in a very similar way.

Android 11 looks like it will also bring to light a new gesture. This new gesture seems like it could be useful on any phone and not just on the upcoming Google Pixel 5.

Android 11’s new Columbus gesture feature

Columbus is the code name for this unique gesture, and here’s what it can do. By using the Columbus gesture, you will be able to launch the camera app, launch Google Assistant, dismiss the timer, collapse the status bar, silence incoming calls, play and pause media, snooze alarms, unpin notifications. This new gesture will also allow you to perform “user-selected” actions.

How can you access Columbus? By double-tapping on the back of the phone. And as mentioned above, this new gesture will be available for other Pixel devices as well.

The gesture uses the smartphone’s gyroscope and accelerometer to evaluate taps. By doing that, the phone is prone to errors; however, this is not the case as Google came out with a way to prevent it from activating by mistake.

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