Android 11 Rumors Leaked On The Internet – New Features Revealed

Even if many users didn’t get the feel of Android 10 by now and maybe it will take a while, the developers are moving on with the work. Google’s developers are working on Android 11, which will come officially this year.

Depending on the results of the software, maybe we will receive Android 11 at the end of the summer. However, we have some details and information about the features of the new operating system.

Android 11 – What We Can Expect

We were used with the beta versions of the new software to launch in March, but in time, the date moved in February and started to be available for some smartphones. The rumors are enough for the latest Android from Google, and GoogleWatchBlog with its resourceful people have spotted a site for the Android Developer Preview 11 online. Unfortunately, every trace was gone, and now the link is leading to Android 10.

Even in this case, we are thinking that Google is working on the preview for Android 11, and maybe, we will have an early release date as well. Also, thinking about the fact that Android 10 is on the market for three months by now, maybe the next OS will not come so quickly. Of course, this will not forbid us to speculate and analyze the rumors about Android 11.

However, if this month and the next one we will not have official information about Android 11, at the Google I/O from May, some reveals will appear. After that, between August and September, Google is going to release some beta version, the complete ones until the final and official edition of the OS.

In short, we will find out about many details at the moment we will have the final version of Android 11. But, we can expect that the scoped storage will be a feature added to the new OS because Android 10 is missing it. The purpose of the function is to focus on security and privacy, but also making the reading of the files faster.

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