An Underwater ‘Space Station’ is Preparing to Take Over

The International Space Station (ISS) is among the most impressive inventions of humanity. But while astronomers are busy exploring the outer space, the depths of the waters present on Earth could be just as interesting. Marine creatures are frequently discovered, and there’s no telling what else could dwell on the ocean floor.

Fabien Cousteau, who is related to the ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, aims to build the equivalent of the International Space Station (ISS) below the waters.

Meet Proteus

Industrial designer Yves Béhar was the one that helped Cosuteau to reveal his ambition. Thus, the hypothetical 4,000 square foot lab named Proteus could offer easy access to the ocean floor for a team of a maximum of 12 researchers.

Béhar declared for CNN the following:

We wanted it to be new and different and inspiring and futuristic,

So [we looked] at everything from science fiction to modular housing to Japanese pod [hotels].

While Proteus is for the moment only in the concept phase, the goal is to build it in three years. One of the purposes of Proteus is to become the world’s first underwater greenhouse, as it will have to grow food for people stationed there.

Cousteau surprised everyone by saying:

Ocean exploration is 1,000 times more important than space exploration for — selfishly — our survival, for our trajectory into the future,

It’s our life support system. It is the very reason why we exist in the first place.

As for the much more renowned International Space Station, its goal is to perform experiments in an environment that cannot be encountered on Earth. The station is a collaboration project between five space agencies: NASA from the USA, the European Space Agency (ESA), Roscosmos, (the Russian Space Agency), JAXA (the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), and CSA (the Canadian Space Agency).

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