AMD Ryzen 4000 and X670 Will Make Their Appearances in 2020

Some new industry sources have shown that AMD has in its plan to release the next Ryzen 4000 based on Zen 3, with 7nm+. They also talked about the associated new X670 chipset, and they want to release both of them at the end of the next year.

We have heard a lot about these new AMD processors, and we were able to imagine their design based on the architecture that has been completely redesigned from zero, even if it’s the very first time we have heard about the chipset. The X670 will bring more PCI-E 4.0 lines and more USB 2.3 Gen2 ports. We have also heard that it may include the native Thunderbolt 3, even if it has not been confirmed yet.

As AMD confirmed some time ago, the AM4 platform will have no new releases after 2020, and it will migrate to a brand new platform. So X670 and Ryzen 4000 will probably not be used for AM4.

AMD Ryzen 4000 and X670 Will Make Their Appearances in 2020

After 2020, there will be some changes, and this change actually makes sense: the most important will be the DDR5 and PCI-E 5.0, two new ones that can be found in AM5.

And due to these changes, especially when it comes to the memory controllers not be compatible, the latest CPUs and the motherboards will be needed in a new platform. But four generations is a lot, a long life for the AM4 socket, and it is really much more than Intel has typically.

The AMD Ryzen is known consisting of the central processing units marketed for workstation, enthusiast and mainstream segments, and accelerated processing units (APUs), sold for mainstream and entry-level segments. We look forward to AMD Ryzen 400 and X670 chipsets, and we indeed hope that they will be excellent releases from the renowned AMD tech giant company.

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