AI In The Military – Is This The Future?

In the modern-day digital arms race, the only matter worse than being afraid of AI itself is not having AI in your arsenal at all.

Our current digital reality is weird, a bit bitter, truth be told.

Combatting terrorists for nearly two decades after 9/11, the army lagged in terms of a digital arsenal.

Infrastructure to host a mighty digital force is still lacking. Therefore, service members lead personal lives in the digital realm connected to nearly anything, and military lives are connected to almost nothing at all!

Imagine owning some of the world’s finest and most advanced hardware – stealth fighters, space planes, and secret technology that many of us can’t even comprehend but have access to the world’s lowest data plan. Sad, isn’t it?

AI On The Rise

AI came a long way since Alan Turing predicted that machines would one day perform intelligent functions.

Machines now teach the world’s elite how to play strategy games.

China is one of the most advanced players in terms of AI military tech. The USA must wake up and start developing AI technology and networks. What good is a mighty army without AI assistance?

A New Hope

However, there are reasons to be hopeful – The Air Force and Space Force had a special moment last month during the first AI-powered shoot-down of a cruise missile at ultra-high speeds.

Though it all happened in a literal flash, the event was seven years into development, featuring technology like hypervelocity guns, fighters, computing clouds, 4G LTE, virtual reality, and 5G lately. Also, Project Maven, the Pentagon’s first AI initiative, had a contribution to the event.

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