AFK Arena 1.40.02 Update: Meet Anoki The Blood Guard


The AFK Arena version 1.40.02 update is already rolling out on the Play Store.

This time around, AFK Arena welcomes a new character and promises to bring more adventure and challenges. If you didn’t install it yet for some reason, feel free to use an APK file. Here is what you need to know.

AFK Arena 1.40.02 Update: What’s New

The AFK Arena version 1.40.02 update brings you more adventure, challenges, and a new sleek character!

Anoki, The Blood Guard, is the newest Mauler hero. You can discover his fantastic skills and get a new gameplay experience. Anoki can blow his war horn, summoning a dash of Iron-jaw beasts that can hit 3 enemies. The enemies standing in the Iron-jaws’ way get 50% damage. 

You can install the AFK Arena version 1.40.02 update using an APK file from websites such as APKMirror. 

AFK Arena So Far

AFK Arena is developed by Lilith Games. It was released worldwide in 2019 for Android and iOS. The game succeeded in reaching a lot of praise and has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play Store alone. 

AFK Arena is an intriguing hero collection role-playing game. You can collect many heroes, create a team, and fight enemies. In the game, you don’t really control your characters. When you begin the battle, the heroes will fight automatically, and you will only be able to control some aspects of the battle. For instance, you can set up your squad in a form you like, or you can put them in front or back line, which will influence some of their skills.

The heroes are divided into six factions, the Lightbearers, Wilders, Hypogeans, Graveborn, Maulers, and Celestials. Each of these factions has their class, role, and type. Discover them all and other fantastic features by playing AFK Arena! Play the game every day and enjoy new adventures. 

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