Adobe Flash Player Update Available with New Changes

What would so many people do without the good old Flash Player from Adobe? Although it was known that the service would be shut down completely this year, it looks like with its last efforts, it wants to bring the last farewell present: update

It’s exciting to go for downloading the latest update in order to see what it brings to the program. Adobe Flash Player has always been around in the old times when we needed it, so why not give it another chance?

The bad news was brought three years ago

Since 2017, Adobe itself brought the bad news to their fans regarding their beloved Flash Player shutting down in 2020. But the shutting down will occur gradually until the service disappears for good in the current year. But we’re already in 2020, and Adobe still gets updates, so can we hope for a ‘resurrection’? While there’s no official claim about this, we can only stick with the original scenario that Flash Player will go away, and maybe is the last update ever.

Furthermore, the same post made by Adobe three years ago claims that the Flash Player will stop receiving updates until the end of 2020. This obviously means that Adobe Flash Player may still be around when PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will launch near Christmas, and 2021 will be the first year without the program. Adobe Flash Player will not be receiving any updates in the next year and beyond, and the most logical thing to do is to get it out of our PCs as soon as it is officially dead. Regardless of how much we loved the program in the past, it’s dangerous to keep using it outdated since the internet is thriving with malware.

Time to move on, whether we like it or not. Thank you, Adobe.

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