Adobe Flash Player 2020 Security Patch Available With New Improvements

What better way to start off the year other than with major updates for your favorite apps? With that said, Adobe fans should be pleased to know that the tech giant has now released the its monthly security update for 2020. The security update is patching various vulnerabilities in Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Illustrator. Therefore, we are advising everyone who uses Adobe’s services to make sure to get the update as soon as possible.

The First Security Patch in 2020

One of the things that make Adobe’s apps stand out is the high-level of user security that they offer. This is all thanks to the monthly security patches. The new one that is fixing vulnerabilities in Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Illustrator is the company’s first security patch in 2020. Unlike most security patches from Adobe, the latest one doesn’t focus only on Adobe Flash Manager and instead, it brings major improvements to other apps.

Adobe Experience Manager Vulnerabilities

Adobe Experience Manager fans should be pleased to find out that the new security patch is fixing a total of four security flaws. The vulnerabilities are classified as “Important” to “Moderate“ and they all have the potential of allowing hackers to access private user information. Fortunately, this is something that Adobe Experience Manager fans don’t need to worry about anymore.

Adobe Flash Player

On the other hand, the security patch fixes five vulnerabilities for Adobe illustrator. These are all “Critical” vulnerabilities and the reason why they are classified as such a big danger is because they can be used by hackers to execute any command that they want on the user’s computer. This type of vulnerabilities shouldn’t be there in the first place but luckily, Adobe’s developers are quickly patching them.

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