A Renowned Cosmologist Shares Peculiar Perspective for The End of The Universe

Whether we like it or not, all things have a beginning and an end. This also applies to the whole Universe, as the only question that remains is ‘how?’. Astrophysicists came up with several theories for explaining how the Universe will end: Big Crunch, Big Bounce, Big Rip, and so on. But there’s no need to worry for yourself just yet, unless you found the secret for eternal youth. The Universe will keep living for at least billions of years more.

Although we’re all well aware of the fact that we’re mortals, the idea of an everlasting Universe is actually somehow providing a good level of comfort for many people. But you know that humans are so different from one another, and once again we have the irrefutable proof. Cosmologist Katie Mack shares a whole different perspective for the end of the world.

The end of the Universe is liberating… not just literally speaking

Katie Mack sees the end of the Universe as a reason of having more peace. She said the following:

There’s something about acknowledging the impermanence of existence that is just a little bit freeing,

In her new book called ‘The End of Everything’, Katie Mack speaks about her whole view about the Universe’s end, being both objective and subjective. One of the passages says the following:

One of the things I’m trying to do in the book is share that terror a little bit, which seems mean, but to help people have that more personal connection with what’s going on in the universe.

Katie Mack is relying on the so-called ‘heat death’ for finishing off the Universe. This implies that the Universe will keep expanding itself until every gravitationally bound system like galaxies and entire clusters of galaxies become too far away from each other. Star formation will stop because of lacking new material to be brought in. The stars that remain will burn out. Black holes will engulf stars and planets before they disintegrate. Even particles will decay. If this scenario goes on for too long, what will only be left of the Universe is a few peculiar particles and some radiation.

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