A Permanent Moon Colony Would Live Beneath The Lunar Surface

Ever since the end of the Apollo age back in 1972, humans started to dream about leaving Earth in order to find another, permanent Moon colony. The closest thing we have to the dream of living in space is the ISS – the International Space Station – which is an orbital laboratory placed 250 miles up, where six astronauts live. Some believe that modern technology has advanced to much that humans in space do not only mean Earth’s orbit.

The Moon colony would live under the lunar surface

The Chairman of Parliament for the micronation Asgardia, Lembit Öpik, stated that humanity would colonize space. He believes that human habitation is space that could happen to start with 2023 if the resources are enough for this dream. He stated that it’s exciting and feasible for humans to actually live on the Moon before the end of the next ten years.

However, a permanent Moon colony would not be built on the surface, but underground. Mr. Öpik stated that the permanent human habitation would be in the Moon because it’s not as complicated as it would be on other planets. Apparently, you can live underground, and it would be safe. You could also grow things in greenhouses by using the power of the Sun.

Both ESA and NASA thought about establishing Moon bases in the undergrounds

The idea of living underground, practically inside the Moon, is not a new idea, and it has already been discussed by both NASA and ESA – the European Space Agency. And with the help of the Apollo program and the LRO – Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter – missions, astronomers are aware of the big lava tubes existing under the surface of the Moon. They are proof of the ancient volcanism, and they are a natural barrier against all the dangers of space.

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