The Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 13.5 – The Risks of Breaking Free

One of the most popular iPhone jailbreak development teams has struck gold, releasing a new jailbreak solution that can be installed even on devices that run iOS 13.5.

Since the first iPhone model was released, Apple has insisted that the closed nature of iOS favored the user as it increased the overall security of the device. However, a large number of users were against the steep regulations imposed by Apple and developed solutions, which allowed them to remove the limitations and gain the ability to install apps, games, and tweaks on their devices freely. The use of a jailbreak brings many of the customizations options that can be found on Android.

 The unc0ver jailbreak

The jailbreak solution released by the unc0ver team is compatible with all iPhone devices which run iOS 11 up to iOS 13.5, with the latter being released recently. There is no information about the vulnerability which was exploited to create the jailbreak, but it is likely that it will be discovered soon.

Once Apple learns about it, an emergency security fix will be released, removing the ability to jailbreak devices that run the latest software update.

The risks of breaking free

Many users are tempted to jailbreak their devices by the promise of being able to install content that is not available on the App Store, including modified versions of apps that offer premium features without the need to pay for them.

In most cases, security advisors are against jailbreaks, arguing that they can serve as a bridge for malicious third-party entities who release undercover malware that can be installed by users who aren’t tech-savvy on their devices.

Apple’s strong reputation for security has taken several dents recently. One of the most popular exploit brokers has announced that select iPhone vulnerabilities will be rejected because there are too many. A popular source has also revealed that an early version of iOS 14 has been floating on the web for a while.

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