A GTA 6 Map Concept Shows Five Locations: Your Favorites in One Place


Grand Theft Auto Online fans have come up with a fantastic map concept for Grand Theft Auto 6 that would really push some boundaries of our imagination and the ones of the multiplayer mode.

Even if Rockstar Games didn’t release any information about the GTA 6, fans have been coming up with some of the craziest ideas ever. From storylines, locations, to characters, fans have imagined almost everything. Here are the latest details about a map concept for GTA 6.

A Map Concept With Five Famous Locations: Could Become a Real Thing?

So far, one popular idea seems to make the Grand Theft Auto 6 map a bit of a “greatest of GTA” by mixing a whole host of previous locations into one. Lots of fans have put the concept forward in the last few months. So, previous locations and the best map so far? What should go wrong?

One fan, however, has taken things a bit further, not only by taking specific locations but by putting every GTA map in history into a single map. Now, that’s what you call brave!

The massive concept was posted by a Reddit user, megahurst, with every GTA location taking up a piece of the map to where they would actually be on a map of the US. For instance, the famous Vice City is in the southeast part – resembling Florida a lot.

The unbelievable size of the map has megahurst joking about how insane some missions would be if, say, Rockstar Games would follow through on the map concept, and it would also use it in the multiplayer portion of the GTA 6.

Many fans got behind the Reddit user’s concept, noting that it could make planes actually useful given the vast space between the locations. However, in terms of really happening, it could be a bit impossible. Having so many cities in a single map would take some incredible power to run, but given the next-gen console and PC upgrades will be launched before GTA 6, Rockstar could easily bring their most considerable experience yet.

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