A Federal Court Says that Facebook Has Been Heavily Wiretapping

You know how some people like to joke by saying that you practically don’t exist nowadays if you don’t have a Facebook account. But is it really worth having one? Isn’t there really no objective way of living our lives anymore without being on Facebook?

Surely nobody would deny the great benefits that the famous social network offers (a marketplace, job offers, dedicated pages for institutions, and more), but the price could actually be too high.

Court says that Facebook’s online tracking could be violating anti-wiretapping laws

If you remember those little “like” widgets that punctuate just about every website, than you can understand a bit how Facebook’s supposedly evil schemes work. Those widgets gather information about anyone who visits the site, whether they’re on Facebook or not.

Judges from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals are considering the practice as being wiretapping because the widget was gathering information from people who didn’t even click on it. That counts as an interception.

Is Facebook still worth using in 2020?

If you don’t care much about being spied on, Facebook can still be a very useful online environment. You can find people with similar tastes as you, join events, create events, see the most popular trends, follow your favorite businesses or musical bands, and much more.

The social network Facebook started off in 2004, and nobody could predict back then what an insanely successful conglomerate corporation it will become. Headquartered in Menlo Park (California), Facebook now has an astronomical revenue of over $70 billion reported in 2019. There’s no wonder why, though, considering that the social network has an even more staggering number of users: more than 2.6 billion monthly active people. Facebook also owns Instagram and WhatsApp.

With or without the good old Facebook, you should always remember that your intimacy may be the most valuable thing you have.

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